FunAce Wireless Dog Fence

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Had your dog ever escaped your house??? Well, my (Blue Jean) was in habit of wandering while I was not actively keeping an eye on him due to my job and house chores. Yes, he was! Since I bought FunAce wireless dog fence, I don’t have to worry about my dog’s safety anymore.

FunAce wireless dog fence is invisible and it does not require any installation physically like the regular ones. No technicians are required to put up this fence no digging, no haste, which also means its saves your installation fee too. When I heard of it first I also thought that like all the wireless fences it would also require underground installation but to my surprise it not the deal with this one. It’s set up takes no time. House looks completely normal from outside as it used to before that fence as it’s an invisible wireless fence.

Since the FunAce wireless dog fence needs no underground installation or any other physical one so I can change and reset the boundary from its transmitter anytime I want and as many time times as I want. The transmitter is so user-friendly it-self.

FunAce wireless dog fence functions with wireless radio signal transmission from the transmitter to collar. So eventually there is no physical fencing required after it.  All you have to do is set a limit of the boundary as it can cover 40-500 feet for 17 acres. Once the boundary is set now that distance becomes the barrier for dog. Its boundary is mostly in a circular shape that encompasses huge area easily.

FunAce wireless dog fence produces radio waves that signal the dog from crossing your set barrier and keeps the dog inside the boundary. Unlike other fences it does not harm your pet, like other electric fencing or other ordinary fencing might. This radio wave technology is harm-free for pets. In order to provide the signal to the pet when the pet is near the fence range it starts sending a high-intensity pulse to the dog’s collar and as the dog retreats the pulse also starts to low down.


This device works without Wi-Fi though its own functioning is somewhat similar to a Wi-Fi modem. For best functioning results, the transmitter is required to be placed at a higher, dry place in the house with maintained room temperature. The transmitter and collar are chargeable as well, and it also has a backup battery in it too. My furnace wireless dog fence consists of; a large LCD Screen (transmitter), collar (waterproof), manual.

The transmitter is so user-friendly as I mentioned before, with a power button on it. Secondly, it has a numerically adjustable boundary range. As in if when I increase the number it increases the range and when I decrease the number it decreases the range of invisible boundary.


Well, one another good thing is that the collar is waterproof. Even when blue jean dives into the pool or wanders in moist grass or even plays in rain, it functions perfectly without any mal-functioning. Although the package has only one collar in it I needed at least one more so I purchased another one which was good that they allowed me to have a spare collar rather asking me to buy the whole new set. The collar can easily fit the neck size of 6 to 26 inches.

Most inspiring thing is, the signal that is transmitted to a dog through their collar is not instant nor its harmful it gradually built up a wave and as the dog goes near the fence it gradually takes up intensity still to the limit of warning them rather harming them. And first it gives two vibrations, and my blue jeans is so smart that he gets the signal because if your dog will not stop at two vibrations then they might get two shocks which I feel like would be painful. Thank God my blue jean is smart enough to retreat at vibration only.

Installation process:

Here comes the world’s easiest installation process ever, that even a non-technical person can do it on my own. All you have to do is:

Step one: select an appropriate place for your transmitter.

Step two: now collar will be attached to your dog, and secure it so might not fell off of your furry fellow.

Step three: turn the device on.

Step four: set the boundary; how far and how high you want it to be.

Honestly speaking being a working woman this FunAce wireless dog fence made it so easy and I got rid of two nightmares; one losing my blue jeans and the second installation of fence. It was too much of work to get the outside of your house dug and once the boundary is set is set. With FunAce wireless dog fence, my life just got a lot easier, I can freely change the radius of boundary and in no time I got the system installed, no wear and tear of the house was required nor I have to take a day off of my job to get the fencing done. It surely is and amazing product.

Honestly, it is a next-generation product undoubtedly. The cherry on the top the system and device is so easy to operate that even if you are not pro with technology you still won’t find any problem not even the slightest problem operating it. On the other hand, it’s not only user-friendly but it’s also less harmful for the pets as well.  Like electric fence is very harmful, or if you get the ordinary fence dogs at times strangle themselves with it, or they simply make a way out. So this is the easiest and most feasible solution to me so far.

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  • Easy and costless installment
  • Wide boundary range with adjustable feature at any time
  • The efficient radio wave working quality.
  • Water proof collar
  • Fast shipping
  • The shock that it gives seems a little cruel to me
  • The shock is sometimes too low so the training could not be as fast done as one expects
  • Manual is translated into Chinese.

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