Extreme Wireless Dog Fence Review

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Extreme dog fence is a wireless fence that worked phenomenally for my three dogs, as I trained them as well as it kept them safe from escaping the house. Lately I was looking for a wireless dog fence that works with accuracy I read many reviews and used a few myself too but they were not satisfying at least not to me. Those wireless fences without in-ground installment were poor in working during weather conditions, or in presence of metal etc., finally in my many attempts of buying fences and searching for a real answer to my problem, I bought Extreme dog fence. No doubt it actually made my money worth spending.

Extreme dog fence is not only a fence but a complete training kit. It enables the dog parent of training their pets in no time with such an ease that is undeniable. Literally I have tried many like many fence systems but this one does work. I completely agree that in-ground installment is not only time consuming but is very hectic and expensive if you have hired a professional for it. And you also need to prepare a mental map before actually digging your yard. If your calculation is not good enough before actual starting of work, then you might would find some serious hassle with installation.

So better chalk it out first then start digging your yard. But once it is installed it will give you amazing working which is not comparable to any of the other products available in market. This fence can be customized in regards to its shape. Unlike many other wireless fence that only gives you a boring round shaped fence. You can utilize the space by thoughtful chalking of boundary of your desired shape and the transmitter would work perfectly with that customized shape. And once the wiring is done connect it to the transmitter for its working.

Another special thing about its transmitter that it not only work fine with customized shape but fantastically work with multiple collar at the same time. It’s ideal for a household that contain more than one dog. No other fence worked finely enough for more than one dog. My dogs used to get false warnings at time with other fence system but this one is too smart to work as per its expected. Would also like to add that this transmitter works with the range of 25 acres, so the pets get ample area to run chase each other and play as per they want, without feeling tamed in a small cage. They could also enjoy rain, and have fun with kids in their pool, because the collar is completely water resistant. Fence range can be increased up to 25 acres and can be decreased than this as per the requirement of user. Multi zones can also be made.

Water proof collar enables its use in any extreme weather condition without any mal-functioning. Secondly its collar has a comfort contact. Comfort contact is the cover of plug with a conductive rubber so the dog must not feel any pointy or pinching sensation for no reason. This comfort contact makes the collar more preferable for all dogs including the ones with sensitive skin as its comfortable like its name. collar receiver is capable of providing multi-level static correction as per the dog parent would set the intensity.

Whenever the dog gets any near to the fence it would get a warning beep and if it does not stop there, then a static correction is generated by the receiver on the collar in order to stop the dog from crossing that safe zone. This collar can also be used for training your pet, as it also has audio, and vibration sensation too that helps in training pets. Extreme dog fence comes with flags that visually enables the dog to mentally form an image of fence in their minds and accelerates the training speed.

Moreover, to that digital frequency encoding is the feature that enhances the accuracy to a level that is purely remarkable, like even if your neighbors are also having a fence the signals would not interfere at all and no false static corrections. Brilliant technology indeed. Next this fence covers a good range of dog sizes starting from 8lbs to 120lbs. As the collar weighs only 1.1 ounces. Which is light enough for any dog to carry it with ease. Although the collar is not rechargeable but requires battery change after 3-4 months of use until the battery is completely depleted.

As I already claimed the smart technology the transmitter makes sure that the wire is connected all across and if there is any breakage the transmitter audibly alarms that’s. secondly it also is smart enough to adjust according to sensed change in weather condition.

Final thoughts about this product are good off course as per it really is a product that works rather than only claiming, and company gives 1 year replacement warranty. But you would not need it anyway as the product is satisfying much. The real thing is digital frequency encoding, more than one collar functioning are two major plus for me as a dog parent.

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  •    Remarkable digital frequency encoding
  •    Comfort contact
  •   Adjustable collar from 8 to 120 lbs.
  •   Waterproof collar
  •   Customized shape
  •   Multi-level static correction
  •   Multiple fence zones
  •   Light weight collar
  •  Flags for training
  • In-ground installment
  • Time and energy consuming

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