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The Right Way To Install Invisible Dog Fence

The Right Way To Install Invisible Dog Fence

The Right Way To Install Invisible Dog FenceYou have a dog and a long front yard. It’s good for both of you. Your dog has plenty of space to loiter around. However, you do not want your dog to go outside of your premises. It’s because your dog can lose its way. It will be bad for you. You have to go out looking for your dog, which can be time-consuming and effort taking. No one wants to kill time while looking for his dog.

The Right Way To Install Invisible Dog Fence

Now, you have two solutions. Either you can raise a real fence, which can be costly, or you can use an electric fence. If you have chosen the latter and brought all the setup, then you must be wondering. How To Bury The Invisible Dog Fence?

If that is the case for you, then you are in the right place. We will show you the Best Way To Bury An Invisible Dog Fence. So, you must keep reading further.

Methods To Install An Invisible Fence:

The installation method can be different for everyone. It depends upon the situation of your yard. Below here are the two methods.

  • Underground method (for mud or grass yards)
  • Above ground method (for cemented yards)

Underground Method:

The procedure is described in bullet points. So, read them. It will show you How To Bury Invisible Dog Fence.

  • Take a measuring tape and measure the dimensions of your yard. It must include all sides, which can be irregular-shaped.
  • After that, you must bring a sketch paper.
  • Now, you must draw an accurate sketch of your yard on paper.
  • Now, you must write the length of each side of your sketch.
  • After that, you must verify the lengths again with a measuring tape.
  • When you have measured the lengths with accuracy, then you need to calculate the total length.
  • It will be the sum of all sides of your boundary.
  • Now, you have the length of wire required to be buried.
  • After that, you must take a shovel or any tool for excavation.
  • Now, you must put the measuring tape on each length and draw a line in your ground.
  • You need to draw a line with accuracy.
  • After that, you need to dig the line 2-inches deep. It will be enough to bury the wire.
  • Now, do that with all lengths of your boundary in your yard.
  • Now, you have lines excavated.
  • After that, place the invisible fence in the excavated lines.
  • After that, put mud above the wires.
  • You need to tap the mud with something.
  • So, the wire remains in the pit.
  • Now, you must attach the transmitter with the wire.
  • Now, your fence is live.
  • Put the collar around your dog’s neck.

Above Ground Installation:

If you have a cemented yard, then you need to opt for this method. So, you must follow the procedure.

  • You need to take a measuring tape and measure your yard.
  • Now, you have the lengths.
  • You need to measure the perimeter of your boundary.
  • It will be the length of wire that you will need.
  • Now, you must mark your boundary with chalk or anything.
  • When you have marked your boundary, then it’s time to put the wire on the boundary.
  • So, you must take the wire and put it accurately on the marks.
  • Now, you need to attach the wire to your floor.
  • You can use glue or tape to cover the wire.
  • It would be better to use tape. But the tap needs to have more adhesive power.
  • You can find the tape from any hardware store.
  • Or you can cover your wire with wooden pieces. It’s your choice.
  • So, you must cover your wire.
  • Now, it’s time to attach your wire with the transmitter.
  • So, attach the transmitter and turn it on.
  • Now, you must put the collar around your dog’s neck.
  • Your invisible fence is live now.
  • Now, your dog cannot escape your yard.
  • Feel free to escape troubles.

Wrap Up:

We have described How To Bury An Invisible Dog Fence. Moreover, we also have described the way to install the fence above the ground. So, use the procedure for your benefit. Have a good day.

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