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PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Review

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Review
PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Review

Petsafe is a company striving to provide products that could make pet keeping very easy for us. No doubt almost all the products are quite useful, or at least the ones I have used so far. I am going to be biased about the Petsafe wireless fence as it is not less than a hero for me. Like it keeps my pet safe. Petsafe wireless fence is portable, with an extremely easy setup. You all must be wondering if a product is so smart, then it must be high maintenance surely, well that’s not true.

Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence Review

Petsafe wireless fencePetsafe wireless fence requires no high maintenance. I have been using it for six months now, and I am so relieved to have it. Before that, I tried that old school fence; my dog was smart to escape it. Then I thought of in-ground fencing, which also was so much of a work that I was not willing to do, nor am I with the idea of hiring someone to do such chores like digging and stuff. Well then I searched and searched, and I found this.

The reason why I opted for Petsafe wireless fence was apparent that it has a wide range with different levels of static corrections, it’s level ranges from 1 till 6, at one there is no static correction, then comes 2nd with low static correction, followed by 3rd static correction with medium-low static correction, leading to 4th medium static correction, to 5th medium-high static correction and finally 6th high static correction. Each correction lasts for 30 seconds. And if your pet will retreat, it will go off.

As it’s a wireless fence so all you will find in the pack is; collar, transmitter, adopter, and boundary flag. So the transmitter is all radio waves on which it works, all you have to do is to install it on a metal platform or mount it on the wall with the adopter plugged in, that all you need for setting up. Yes, that simple, what were you expecting digging of yard creating mess getting tired, or hiring someone for you to do this and spending money. Well, see, I saved you from all that with my experience of Petsafe wireless fence.

The transmitter has two buttons on it, including an on/off switch and boundary switch/range, a dial which is a boundary control dial, with a power light and power jack. This transmitter comes almost half an acre area, which is way too much of the land coverage. Now the second best part, once it’s installed, it can easily be moved from a place as it’s wireless the boundary can conveniently be repositioned as per choice.

You can even carry it with you from one residence to another (well, you will only get it if you are from an army family). Its radio wave technology forms an invisible fence that feels like a magical protection shield to me. of course, I am a Harry Potter fan.

Another mind-blowing feature is the water-resistant collar, as your dog could jump in the pool, play with a water sprinkler on your lawn, tries to get your attention during laundry, or sneaking into your fridge. The waterproof collar is adjustable too; you can lose and tighten it as you feel the necessity for your dog.

Now how to set a boundary to hold the collar at the height of your pet’s neck, move to the desired boundary location and set 8 on the transmitter, then slowly come to back set the seven on the dial similarly keep repeating it and making the boundary smaller with the number, this will make the multi-level boundary to execute multilevel static corrections.

Put a flag on each level when you mark it. In the outer boundary range, the higher static correction will be experienced whenever the Petsafe receiver collar gives the indication of low battery plug it in and recharges it. It works best on bigger dogs than small pups. Its sharp shock does not last long; it’s for seconds only.

We have crafted the Best Wireless Dog Fence buyer guide to help you choose the right one from the crow.

Another good thing about the Petsafe wireless fence is that if suddenly there is electricity shut down, it will not give any static correction to the collar, but only if the dog is around any boundary. This is good. When I bought this, I had such questions in my mind, which made me very paranoid about such devices. Using this one reduced my paranoia to almost it’s minimal level.

Another important thing is that the collar must not be tied for more than 12 hours on your dog’s neck. Another important thing is that keep the metal objects away from the transmitter as the metal objects interfere with the signal of the transmitter. Anyway, nothing is perfect in this world.

The pet safe wireless fence works well, in regards to serving the purpose. It’s handy setup and portability is the topmost quality of this product. No crew is required to set this fence up, it’s just a transmitter I need a plugin, and that’s all. The boundaries can be repositioned by moving the transmitter and the dial on the transmitter.

Its wireless invisible boundary is next level, like a stealth magical spell that guards your pet. The waterproof collar makes it so appropriate for use that one can imagine. Flags for the training are a big-time solution to my training nightmare.

The most prominent feature of this pet safety product is the static correction level system. With several boundaries. Yes, I will agree with the metal interference of signals, which is really annoying sometimes, but if I had to rate this product out of 10, I would rate it on 9.

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  • Pet safety wireless fence is Time-efficient in terms of setup
  • Petsafe wireless fence is cost-effective
  • No underground digging and wiring hassle
  • Invisible, wireless technology
  • Waterproof collar
  • Multilevel static correction
  • Multilevel boundaries
  • Flag help training your pet more efficiently
  • The collar is chargeable.
  • Covers a wide range of area around half an acre.
  • Sharp static correction
  • Metal interference cause malfunctioning
  • Multiple boundaries confuse the pets
  • Elevated land has boundary estimation issues.
  • Low performance for small dogs

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