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PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence Review

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence Review
PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence Review

Petsafe is a renowned brand for pet gadgets, due to their excellent quality and usability of products they provide to their customers. I am one of the customers who are already a fan of their products not because of any other reason, but they fit purpose devices. Being an owner of pets (dogs) is not a privilege but an equal responsibility too.

They are not only the pal of your leisure time whereas, but they are also a complete 24/7 responsibility like a human child. You are supposed to feed them on time, keep a check of their health/vaccination, and, most of all, give them a safe environment to explore your house and to surround without getting lost or escape their safe zone. That said, PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence is the best option to keep an eye on your dog.

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence Review

PetSafe Basic In-Ground FenceTo provide your dogs a safe play zone, you need to put up a boundary wall/fence so they could play while being safe. I was looking for a promising solution for this as I don’t live in a plain landform; instead, it’s a hilly area of my country.

So buying a GPS signal wireless dog fence or transmitter wireless dog fence was not feasible as their boundaries are of one monotonous circular shape, their signal drops due to rain which is a common weather condition here, and any metal object could easily interfere with the signals, and your pet would get a false warning, which is indeed painful.

So after a long thought process, my husband and I finally came to the decision that we should buy Petsafe basic in-ground fence. Although, it was very draining to first decide from where we need the fence and then digging to installing it. At a few points, we had a difference of opinion, and we took the wire out of a place that we already had installed.

Cutting it short, you need to plot the map plane before actually installing it, so you must get done without any extra hassle, which is inevitably agreed, but this is worth it as, on the other hand, it will give you a custom made a boundary for your pet.

Like my house plane is uneven and rectangular, and I wanted my backyard, front lawn, side pool, etc., all of it inside the Petsafe fence boundary, so this custom made Petsafe basic in-ground fence was the answer to my worries instead of going for a circular wireless fence.

Petsafe basic in-ground fence not only comes with a customized shaped boundary, but it also provides white flags for training your pet in a very harmless way. During the training session, you can only use sound to warn the dog so they could learn fast. This means your dog is not getting any unnecessary shock. In other relevant products, I doubt this feature is present.

Petsafe basic in-ground fence also has multi-level static. You can control to keep your dogs safe with the lesser effort by you and that furry ball. It also makes a great deal of keeping your pet safe from false warning shocks due to its accuracy level.

Speaking of durability, Petsafe basic in-ground fence is one of the most durable fence products of all time. It is weather-resistant, and no weather conditions could shake its performance and accuracy.

The collar I received with this Petsafe basic in-ground fence is waterproof, what else you would ask for. And it’s adjustable according to fit your furry pal’s neck size and is lightweight too. The neck size range encompasses 6-26 inches. So you can secure your pet’s collar as per their ease. It also consists of a low battery indicator and provides you two months’ carefree battery life.

We have crafted the Best Wireless Dog Fence buyer guide to help you choose the right one from the crow.

One of the most astonishing features is that you can keep more than one pet at a time inside this boundary, and it will separately operate for both at the same time. This is the coolest thing ever like a fence is so smart that it can detect which of the collars is to send a warning. Well, I can bet no other product can beat that.

The Petsafe basic in-ground fence consists of a collar, wire, extra battery, and white flags, and a wireless controller. Make sure when your parcel arrives, all the components of the products are present.

Petsafe basic in-ground fence is the best product if you want a solution to your custom needs of setting a fence. Secondly, it’s smart enough to cater to more than one pet at a time. Flags and sound warnings are super convenient for training your pets. Third, it is in-ground, so it’s invisible, which means you need to worry about any change in the outlook of your house. Collars are waterproof. Its accuracy of warning your pet is reliable.

The static is multi-leveled, which is also a very smart feature. The only thing that drained me has not planed installment of in-ground wire, which is also somewhat a flaw on my part. Otherwise, if the mapping is done mentally beforehand, then it’s not even that tiring. Once you have installed the setup, you can easily change it as you need to dig it out first then have to dig the other place, and then bury the wire in-ground.

So my honest advice to all those who are looking for a customized fence and have more than one pet go for it, you will not find a better product in the market to address your demands.

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  • Custom made wireless fence fit for your house and needs a standard circular one rather.
  • Works for more than one pet at a time.
  • Collar is waterproof
  • sound alarms as a warning during training sessions of 2 weeks
  • adjustable collar to fit your dog’s exact neck size with ease.
  • Accurate warning shocks.
  • Free of weather interferences.
  • Free of metal interferences.
  • Invisible in-ground containment.
  • Flags for better and quick training.
  • Multi-level static for shocks.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • In-ground wiring takes time and consumes energy.
  • Requires a good prior mental mapping where the fence will be installed.
  • Once the boundary is set, changes are not easy in terms of digging the wire out and then reinstalling it.

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