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Motorola Wireless Dog Fence Review

Motorola Wireless Dog Fence Review
Motorola Wireless Dog Fence Review

Motorola Wireless FenceMotorola is a brand known for its excellent products and their marvelous designs. I recently had a chance to use a Motorola Wireless Fence for my dog, and it was a worth discussing experience. As I am a regular purchaser of Motorola products, I had not to hassle deciding on a wireless fence. This fence system wireless without any in-ground installment.

I studied many reviews of different Wireless Fence systems and thought that this one might also require some kind of installment physically, but once the product was in my hand, it realized that it is nothing of work than turning the transmitter on.

Motorola Wireless Dog Fence Review

The product comes with a rechargeable transmitter, so you are not bound to fix it in a specific place near a switchboard for its functioning. All you have to do is charge the battery for 16 hours, and it will provide 27 hours of the working transmitter.

So no make permanent room for a massive transmitter, as neither it’s heavy nor it requires fixing places. It’s easy to use and portable too. Secondly, the collar is also lightweight and requires almost 5 hours of charging that would give approximately 48 hours of working.

Next is it’s the range that covers nearly an acre of land as the fence boundary. It can also work for a lesser range, too, as you want to set the fence boundary for your dog. The boundary fence that is created by the transmitter through radio waves is circular in shape. That gives your ample dog area to play and run and have a good time.

This setup requires no in-ground wiring as I mentioned before, so the latest technology of radio waves does all the work. This product is the next generation with its smart functioning and slick design. Its set up takes no time, no labor, no extra money expenditure.

While putting the collar on your dog’s neck, make sure the skin is in touch with the stimulator, and the height you set for your dog is of standing position instead of sitting position for better Fence working. Motorola wireless fence has two modes of training; one that consists of an audio warning, and the other one consists of multi-level static corrections.

Motorola Wireless Fence Transmitter:

Motorola wireless fence transmitter has five major buttons on it, including; power button, menu button, intensity buttons to increase or decrease, and ok button to select the relevant item on the LCD screen of the transmitter.  This transmitter can work in open-air like you are traveling, and you want to keep the fence system working there as well, so now with Motorola wireless fence, it’s possible.

You are going on vacations, and you want to relax while you want your pet to have some playtime too without getting into trouble, so you can set a range for your pet and keep that transmitter near you, and your dog will stay in the fence too.

Another perk of using a Motorola wireless fence transmitter is that it can operate up to 2 dogs simultaneously, and its accuracy of sending warning and static correction will not get affected at all. Now, as I have mentioned, it does have multi-level static correction; in total, they are nine as provided by this very wireless fence, ranging from gentle to firm. Another feature that saves hassle and time is the low battery warning by the collar to indicate the need for charging.

Now one wonders that static correction might be a painful thing for your pet, let me clear it’s not, I tried myself as pets are living beings and they need a very healthy environment too. So basically that static correction is simply a very mild, and completely harmless electric stimulation that is only to get the attention of the pet, to startle them to correct their behavior.

Waterproof Abilities:

The collar that is provided with a Motorola Wireless Fence is waterproof (IP 54) and is too very light in weight. That even if your dog loves to play in the water or mess around the water sprinkler in your yard, or his favorite game is to play in the rain, then it’s the choice you need to make.

And you can order an extra collar separately. Its audio training feature enables you to get your pet trained in no time at all. Well, it’s indeed a fantastic product without any doubt, yet I would recommend the use of the collar for only 12 hours in a day, not more than that.

My final thoughts about this product are definitely good as it made my life and my pet’s safety easy and effortless. The best part of it is the setup, which requires no hassle at all. Like turn, the button on set a range, and the fence is installed. That’s just it.

Secondly, its multi-level static correction is very smarts, which sends gentle to firm warnings. It’s also quite helpful in training your stubborn dog(s). I would really recommend it to dog parents for their rowdy dogs.

The collar is waterproof, which is a big wow from my side as my Oreo is a huge fan of water and couldn’t resist jumping into a pool, or any muddy puddles have once seen. The game-changer is the portability that enabled me to carry it to my parents’ house, and I was so relaxed that this wanderer is going nowhere.

And when even we had to go to our farmhouse for a week, it was still with me so I could keep my dog safe and happy when occupied with some other task.

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  • Quick set up
  • No in-ground installment is required, so no digging your garden at all.
  • Lightweight waterproof collar
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Multi-level static correction
  • Audio training system
  • It can work for more than one pet at a time.
  • Area coverage is one acre. (could be used for the lesser area)
  • Circular shape fence formation.
  • Best for indoor and outdoor use
  • Transmitter sometimes gives false corrections in the presence of metal interference.

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