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How To Get A Dog To Stop Barking

How To Get A Dog To Stop Barking

How To Get A Dog To Stop BarkingDogs are just like human beings; they have emotions and can feel happy and sad too. You can’t expect them not to bark at all, and it will be a very unreasonable demand if you expect this to happen. Some dogs bark excessively though, while seem to keep it balanced. If they are barking too much, something is wrong so you should find out why they are doing so and plan accordingly.

Why Do Dogs Bark And How To Stop It?

Barking is something that every talk does as it’s their way to communicate or sensing danger. Why they are barking can depend on a lot of situations. Let’s look at some below and how you can stop it using these simple tips.


If another animal or a person enters into an area that dog believes is their own they will start barking. This type of barking is associated with fear as they feel their property might be taken over. You can put up a fence to make their residing area safer and secure. If they need you for some urgent work or are feeling sick, they should try to give you a signal in a decent manner rather than aggressive barking. You can attach a bell with the door, so they can use it for calling you out.

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If the dog is threatened, he will surely bark, and sometimes weird sounds can also make them fearful. Try to keep him in such a surrounding where he feels relatively safe. Make sure that other wild animals don’t enter the area or create trouble for them.

Loneliness Or Boredom:

If your dog is lonely or bored, he will bark and make noise to get attention, so don’t be surprised about that. In such a situation, try to give him more company or take the pets out for a long walk. Try and talk to them and make them feel important and secure. You can either play games with them or take your dogs to daycare centers and they will be taken care of efficiently.

Greeting or Way of Getting Attention:

Dogs usually have a habit of barking when they greet people, and sometimes if the owner is too busy to look at the dog, they will try to get attention. They do feel lonely and are full of emotions. The best way to train them in this situation is that whenever a guest arrives at home and rings the doorbell rather than barking dog should stand beside the door and greet them with respect.

Another thing is that don’t give your dog a pat or a reward if they cry when you arrive back home from work. If they stand in a specific spot and wag their tail when you come home, it will look more decent. In any case, if your dog becomes hostile to guests or tries to bit them, keep them collared and train them in the best possible ways. If they don’t listen to you, take them to an expert and get them trained professionally.

How Can You Treat Excessive Barking?

If you want your dog to stop barking unnecessarily, you can do so, but it’s not an easy task. It will require you to be patient because sometimes animals can be slow learners. The first rule to follow is that it treats your dog with patience and never shouts at him. He will feel threatened or mistreated if you do so.

Dogs don’t understand your language, but they will be clueless if you tell them to shut up instead make them learn the word quiet so they can calm down quickly and understand you. Another way is to treat your dogs with something special when they are bored or barking for no reason, but don’t make it a habit as they may yell just to get rewards from you. Dogs can understand body language.

If you make them learn some signs or stop them from barking using your fingers, they may adapt to it. All this doesn’t mean that you can’t let yourself bark at all. Let him bark when they want to alert their owner for something, for example when the postman arrives they can give you a signal with barking. Suppose a robber tries to break in, they can bark to alert the house altogether. In some rare cases, your dog may be barking unnecessarily because he has some disease or has been bitten by a bee. Make sure to keep a check on why your dog is barking so you can take steps accordingly.

Should You Use Bark Collars?

There are several products available in the market, and bark collars are popular among people as they can stop the dog barking effectively. Some people believe it works while others say it doesn’t, so it’s up to you if you want to use it or not. Some shock collars can jolt your dog and even harm them, so don’t make your furry friend upset with such harmful methods. Off-collars may work well on the dog if he barks only in one specific area and at the same time, they are not dangerous for the pet either.

Make sure that the bark collar doesn’t contain electric stimulation, although they are fake but can harm the dog if proper measures are not taken. Some pet owners have heard about the debarking process and are convinced they should go for it. Let’s guide you that it is a surgical process and quite unfair for the pet to make them go into debark mode.

In this surgical process, the voice box of the dog is removed, and they cannot bark after that. It can create choking and can even be life treating so don’t ever go to such extreme. Treat your pets with love and care, and they will listen to you. Keep your dog happy and healthy because they are faithful and known to be a man’s best friend.

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