How To Bury Dog Fence Wire

How To Bury Dog Fence Wire

How To Bury Dog Fence WireMost of the folks consider the physical fence as the eyesore for their yard. Therefore, they opt for the underground Electric fence system. Whereas, setting up the underground fence is not something that everyone can do easily. In fact, it’s a time-consuming process that could take your entire day but you can reduce the overall installation time, by reading this quick guide.

In this blog post, we have shared the exact right way that you could replicate for burying the wire of your underground fence system. However, before moving towards the actual process, we would recommend you to read the instructions manual of your fence system in order to understand the basic terminologies and the concepts of the underground fence system.

Done with the instructions manual?

Let’s move on to the actual topic;

How To Bury Dog Fence Wire?

Here’s the easiest way they will help you to bury the wire for running up your fence system. Although, you could follow everything or can also bring your own creativity while bearing in mind that you have to create a continuous loop.

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By default in every fencing system, there used to be 3 kinds of layout;

  • Full size: Allow the dog to roam in the entire yard freely
  • Yard with Exclusionary zones: Restrict some of the parts of the yard for your dog
  • Split yard: allows your dog either a backyard or the front yard to roam

The first step is to choose the layout according to your and the dog’s preference. While sketching out the layout of your dog’s protective zone, you need to consider all of the already buried underground wires and the lines so that there will not issue in the future.


Choose the perfect location for your transmitter, it could be the ventilated area so that it could also be saved and last for the longest time. Moreover, while setting up the transmitter, you have to ensure that the wire creates the loop around the transmitter.

The best practice is to place the transmitter near to the place from where the wire can easily go out of the room such as near the room door, window, or near to any hole.


First, keep the wire above the ground to test either it is working or not. The best way to test is to put the collar on the LED indication and keep moving towards the boundary while holding the collar. You can also check out different settings if you want to.


If your wire’s loop is working perfectly, then you can set the boundaries of your dog using the transmitter, and have to connect the wire with the transmitter and the surge protector (If any).

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Tools For Burying Wires Underneath:

After following all of the above-mentioned steps, you have to bring some tools for putting the wire under your ground.

If you are planning to cover the smaller area, then the flat-edged shovel will be more than enough for putting the wires underneath the ground.

But if you want to cover the larger space, then using the flat-edged shovel will not be a good option. You have to get the trencher tool that will dig the ground 1-3 inches easily. Right after digging the whole boundary area, start inserting the wires and then cover the area with the dirt by your feet. That’s it, your fence system is ready to keep your dog within the boundaries.

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