How Does An Invisible Fence Work?

How Does An Invisible Fence Work

Invisible fence systems help you keep your pets close and safe to home without the trouble of building conventional fences around your garden or home. With a bit of training in this new system, your pet will soon be able to understand its limitations and will run within the defined boundary without any worry. This fence system works marvelously to keep a cherished pet safely within your defined radius at all times.

How Does An Invisible Fence Work?

The benefit of an invisible fence is the portability and the minimum effort required to set up the system. Going wireless is also great for inexperienced users because of its user-friendly nature. Invisible fences work on a fundamental principle of a transmitter and a receiver producing a stimulus as a result. There are also two types of invisible fences available:

Wired Invisible Fence:

It features wires buried in the ground to set boundaries as defined by the pet owner. A transmitter is connected to the cables, which emits radio signals that cover the whole of the underground wiring. Now the emitted radio signal is detected by the receiver placed in the collar of the pet.

Upon reaching near the buried wire, a warning sound is generated to warn the pet that it’s near to the boundary. The pet can only hear this sound, and if it keeps on crossing the edge, a static shock will be generated. It does not harm the animal. It only makes a light tingling feeling on them to make them vigilant about their boundaries.

While training the pet, flags, or any notifiable material is placed at the boundaries to make it aware of the limits of the collar. After some training, pets learn that if it goes near the border, a warning sound will be generated, and after that, a harmless electric stimulation will be felt.

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Customization Options:

There are a variety of different layouts available, but the owner can also make his own as long as he creates a closed loop. This means that the wire that comes out of the transmitter should circle back into it.

The transmitter of the fence sends a radio signal through the wires and makes an invisible premise. This acts as a limiting point for the pet and coordinates with the collar around its neck. The most significant advantage of the wired invisible fence is the flexibility when it comes to customizing the size and shape of the perimeter.

Wireless Invisible Fence:

Now we even have wireless invisible fences. This type sets up an invisible fence without burying wires into the ground. The transmitter of this fence sends radio signals in all directions to mark a circular boundary for the pet that can be customized as per needs and owners’ will.

In this wireless system, the collar on the pet detects the signal while in the customized zone. If the pet goes near the boundary of the region, the radio signal will be weakened.

It’ll eventually create a warning sound first and, if it doesn’t return to the zone defined by the owner, a static correction stimulus will be generated, giving a tingling sensation to the pet until it returns to the safe area.

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Benefits Of Invisible Fences:

  • Won’t change the landscaping of your house
  • Provides freedom to your pet without having a leash on it
  • No physical barrier or hurdle
  • Some countries have a law that refrains you from fencing your vicinity
  • Helps in initiating the training trait of your pet
  • Keeps your pet safe and within the defined limits
  • It is easy to install and doesn’t require an expert electrician for the installation
  • Cheaper, portable, and convenient than other fences
  • No need of keeping your pet in a cage or ties it with a leash

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