Difference Between Wireless & Hybrid Wireless Dog Fence

Difference Between Wireless & Hybrid Wireless Dog Fence

Have you been concerned and worried about your dog wandering in the street and getting lost? If that is the case, you should consider getting a dog fence for protecting your dog.

Dog owners are well aware of their dog’s protection, and that is why most people have dog fences to keep their dogs under their attention. Wireless dog fence has become a popular item, and almost every dog owner owns one for their dogs. If you have a bit of knowledge about dog fences, then you must have heard about hybrid or semi wireless dog fence also.

What’s the difference between a wireless dog fence and a hybrid or semi-wireless dog fence?

Both the wireless collars have their benefits, and there are some slight differences between both of them. The main aim of both wireless fences is to protect your dogs and keeping them safe. If you are confused about the difference between the two and have been wondering which one to pick out of the two, we are here to clear all your doubts. We will be talking about the difference between a wireless dig fence and a hybrid wireless dog fence.

A hybrid or semi wireless dog fence requires you to bury a wire inside the ground, and it can allow reaching as far as 1 acre. The significant difference between a wireless dog fence and a hybrid dog fence is that the hybrid dog fence requires you to bury electrical wiring to send the signals from the transmitter. You can also keep the wires above the ground if you want to.

The hybrid dog fence allows you to set limitless boundaries as any circular coverage does not bind you. When the wiring is done, you have to fix the waterproof collar on your dog to start the process. Once you have set up the wires correctly, the collar will start beeping if your dog steps out of the boundary.

The main difference between a wireless dog fence and a hybrid fence is that a wireless dog fence doesn’t need any wiring inside the ground and hybrid fences require you to do electrical wiring inside the ground. For wireless dog fences, you have to plug the transmitter into an electrical outlet and the dog collar will start receiving the signals. Wireless dog fences are convenient and easy to use as compared to hybrid dog fences.

Hybrid or semi wireless dog fences or wireless dog fence: which one is better?

Since we have told you about the differences between both fences and how they work, it is up to you to choose which one is suitable for you. Wireless dog fences are preferably more popular with dog owners as compared to hybrid dog fences because they don’t require you to do any wiring inside the ground. Wiring inside the ground can be inconvenient for you because dogs have a habit of digging the ground often and because of that the wiring can get damaged, and your dog can get hurt.

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