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Conovo Wireless Dog Fence Review

Conovo Wireless Dog Fence Review
Conovo Wireless Dog Fence Review

Conovo wireless dog fence is one of the most favorited of all the wireless dog fence choices. Obviously, as it is best, telling you from my own experiences. Six months back, I found out about this amazing gadget, which made my life trouble-free. This wireless dog fence requires no underground installment, no running after technicians, no mess of digging the outside area of your house. Its setup is as easy as ordering your favorite chocolate cake.

Conovo Wireless Dog Fence Review

Conovo Wireless Dog FenceFirst I was reluctant to buy this product as not much information was available about it. So I was double-minded but I ordered it anyway. When it came, the first surprise was its setup which does not demand any installation.

The second surprise was the waterproof collar, so if my dog wants to play in rain or under the water sprinkler the collar will keep working without any fail. This is best in my opinion otherwise just imagine the inconvenience you have to go through if you have to take it off every time and then put it back onto your dog. Well the idea itself is very tiring but I don’t have to worry about it anyway since it’s waterproof.

The third best feature is that it’s not connected to any router or transmitter. The collar itself has an integrated GPS. this feature makes Conovo wireless dog fence is best of all as GPS minimizes the chance of false warning and its signals are accurate, unlike the transmitter wireless dog fences signals which can easily be interrupted by any metal interference.

Fourth feature that astonished me that its auto-designed to give only 20 seconds of shock and it stops for 1 minute before the next one. Which keeps the harm to the pet to a very minimal level. And it’s smart to detect GPS signals and whenever the GPS signals are absent it automatically stops without giving any warning to my dog. It only functions in GPS signals.

The fifth feature is its wide range, as it covers around 800 meters’ radius for your dog’s playing area. It can easily be remapped. So wherever the signals are available you can operate them.

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To operate it you need no complex scientific knowledge, all you have to do is simply go to the location that you want to be the central point of your dog’s play area. Turn it on, locate that point, then you have to set a limit in terms of a radius in meters. Once the above tasks are done now you are all set to put the collar on your dog, carefully that might not fall off.

Indeed, it was a gamble when I ordered it, but I got fortunate enough to order the right product, as it paid my money well in the form of mental satisfaction, product quality, and product usefulness. Conovo wireless dog fence comes with a convenient installation like few other wireless dog fences available in the market; a setup without any underground installation but what tops it is its GPS which makes it is functioning far accurate than any other wireless dog fence.

Conovo wireless dog fence comes with no router or transmitter or remote, it’s just a GPS integrated collar for your dog that sets-up a boundary and warns your dog timely before crossing that barrier in a very smart fashion. Its auto-protection design helps in being a device with the least pain for the pet. And its sensors go off in GPS absence to avoid unnecessary shock warnings to your pet.

If you are not satisfied with the product the company will easily take the product back with a full refund of payment. Well, they are too smart to give that offer since they know once you will use it you can’t just unlike it. This product is indeed one of the best products I have used all the wireless dog fences.

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  • Wireless fence without any underground installment.
  • GPS is so accurate than any other wireless system
  • No transmitters or routers or remotes are required.
  • Auto-protection design for warnings
  • Flexible boundary adjustment
  • Waterproof collar
  • Its GPS signal near tall building gets weak so there it’s used is not recommended.
  • Every time you turn it one you have to reposition it, as it cannot keep the historical record.
  • Don’t use it for over 12 hours on a dog.

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